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Past Conferences 2010

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SBIM-NPAR 2010 - Sketch Based Interfaces and Modeling 2010 and Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering 2010
Topics of SBIM 2010 include: - Multimodal interfaces for sketching - Novel sketch input and editing devices - Novel pen-based interaction techniques - Low level ink processing and pen stroke segmentation - Sketch parsing, classification and recognition - Sketch-based interfaces for CAD systems - Sketch-based modeling and editing of 3D shapes - Sketch-based control of animations - Sketch-based interfaces for other applications (surface editing, diagram creation, mathematical annotations, games, etc.) - Rendering techniques for sketch-based systems (NPR) - Sketches for Medical and Volume data editing - Sketch-based retrieval of multimedia information - Usability studies of sketch-based systems - Studies of the impact of sketching on creativity and design - Multi-touch interfaces and applications Topics of NPAR 2010 include: - Expressive character animation and physics - Abstraction and stylization of images/video - Interaction techniques - Accounts of real productions (e.g., animated films) - NPAR in real software products (e.g., modeling, visualization, presentation software) - Visual composition - Hardware acceleration - Evaluation methods for NPAR algorithms - Psychophysics of NPAR - Rendering and layout for text and presentation graphics - Quantitative analysis of human artists - Generative or evolutionary approaches - Style transfer - Temporal and spatial coherence - Adapting classic CG effects like motion blur, depth of field, and lighting for NPAR - Simulation of natural media and traditional styles - Non-traditional camera models - Position papers on grand challenges Co-Located with the Festival International du Film d'Animation à Annecy: http://www.annecy.org/