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3DOR 2009 - Eurographics Workshop on 3D Object Retrieval

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Munich, Germany
Sunday, March 29 2009

About the Workshop

Topics include: - 3D object similarity and matching - 3D Object classification, indexing, and mining - Feature extraction, model decomposition and segmentation - Partial and many-to-many matching - Matching under uncertainty and noise - Query interfaces and search modalities - Multi-level representations for matching and retrieval - Semantics-driven 3D object retrieval and classification - Sketch-based retrieval - Benchmarking issues - Relevance feedback methods - Active learning - Generative / Discriminative approaches in 3D object categorisation - Applications in Multimedia, CAD, Gaming, Biometrics, e-Science, e-Learning, Medicine and Biology, Cultural Heritage

For more information, visit http://3dor.ge.imati.cnr.it/About.html


Name : Michela Spagnuolo