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USAB 2008 - Usability & Human-Computer Interaction for Education and Work

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Graz, Austria
from Thursday, Nov. 20, 2008
to Friday, Nov. 21, 2008

About the Symposium

Topics include: - Usability and New Research Methodologies - Formal Methods and Methodologies (incl. Agile Methods) - Usability of Educational Systems - Human Aspects of Future Technologies - Human-Computer Interaction for Aviation - Semantic Usability in Education - Human Language Analysis and Natural Language Processing - Usage and Utility of Educational Terminology - Usability and Human Aspects of e-Learning - Aspects of Usability in Information Visualization for Educational purposes - Usability in Ambient Assisted Living and Life Long Learning - Cognitive Performance Support (CPS) in Education - Augmented Cognition (AugCog) in Education - Cognitive Workload and Problem Solving Support - Adaptivity and Usability of Educational Systems - Usability of Mobile Computing in Education (m-Learning) - Adaptive User Interfaces for Educational Information Systems - Use of Simulations in Education - User Centered Design & Development for Educational Systems - Real-Life Usability Testing - Cognitive Task Analysis - Remote Usability Testing - Technology Enhanced Learning for Children - Technology Enhanced Learning for Elderly - Accessibility in Education - Game-based Learning

For more information, visit http://usab-symposium.tugraz.at/page.php


Name : Martin Ebner
Contact Email: tugtc@tugraz.at