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Article Preparation

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Advice how to prepare articles for submission and publication in JVRB.
Abstract and Keywords
Providing an abstract and keywords is mandatory.
To identify figures and tables in the article clearly, captions are mandatory.
File Formats
Submit your manuscript in a common file format like tex, rtf, pdf or xml.
Graphics may be submitted in common open file formats like eps, gif, jpeg, png, or tif. If you are using a file format that embeds graphics in your text document, do make sure to submit an extra copy of these files. Keep in mind that all articles are electronically published and graphics are converted into a format suitable for the internet.
Articles should consist of single pages.
The Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting exclusively publishes in the English language.
If you are using tex as typesetting solution, chose the document type "article" with options 11pt, A4 paper and 2-column. You may use the tex-template file from jvrb.
Open URL
After an article has been accepted for publication, authors are provided by jvrb with Open URL references, which are then to be added to the bibliography section of the article.
Literature cited in the text should be listed at the end of the article, in the "Reference" section.
Section and Numbering
Use numbered sections and subsections with Arabic numerals.
The title page should include the following items: the complete title of the article; the line "Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting, Volume n, whereby n indicates the number of volume the article is to appear in; the volume number equals the year in which the article is published.
Volume and Issue Number
The volume number is made up of its consecutive number and year of publication, which are separated by a period.
References Types