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Section and Numbering

Use numbered sections and subsections with Arabic numerals.

The first section of the article should be the introduction outlining the starting point. The acknowledgement's section at the end of an article serves to mention facilities, laboratories, consortiums, and other contributors involved. Otherwise, sections may be arranged according to the type of article. Thus, Industrial Case Studies may have a section which is entitled "case description". Results of Research Articles should be summarized in a "conclusion" section. In any case, you should structure your manuscript properly in order to facilitate the reading process and to ensure a proper understanding.

We recommend to arrange appendices to articles after the bibliography section. If more than one appendix is used make sure that they are clearly identified by letters (A. Appendix, B. Appendix). Otherwise the number/letter should be left out.

If you are using an "Acknowledgement" section make sure that it is not numbered.