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Organisation of the journal Concerning Volumes and Issues

JVRB is organised in a volume, that represents one year of publication. Because of its contiuous publication, JVRB does not use issues. Every article is provided with a consecutive number for clear identification.

Article Submission

Articles are submitted to jvrb by e-mail. A detailed description of the submission process may be found in the Call for Submissions submenu of the Author's Guide section.

Submission Deadline

There is no deadline for the submission of articles. Due to the contiunous publication of JVRB, the submission is possible at any time.

Linking JVRB on Other Pages

JVRB offers information material and figures that may be used on other websites to advertise the journal. This material can be found in the promotion section of this page.

Accessibility of Articles

All published articles can be accessed without fee or registration. The articles are provided in full-text in PDF- and HTMl-format. Based on the open access Digital Peer Publishing Licence, the article can also be electronically distributed by the reader.