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ICME 2008 - IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo
Topics include: - Speech, audio, image, video processing and coding - Virtual reality and 3-D imaging - Signal processing for media integration - Multimedia communications and networking - Multimedia security and content protection - Multimedia human-machine interface and interaction - Multimedia databases - Hardware and software for multimedia systems - Multimedia standards and related issues - Multimedia applications - Medical signal processing
Graphics Hardware 2008
Topics inlcude: - Graphics hardware architectures - Hardware and software for real-time ray-tracing - Programming models and techniques for data-parallel problems - Software-hardware interfaces - Shading language implementation - Performance measurement, modeling, and optimization - Exploitation of new memory technologies for 3D graphics - Graphics for mobile devices and integrated chipsets - Support for general primitives (splines, points, volumes, ) - Space, screen, and model partitioning - HW-related compression/decompression techniques - Hardware support for video processing - Novel display technologies - General-purpose computing on graphics hardware requiring new and non-obvious algorithmic approaches
3DPVT 2008 - Fourth International Symposium on 3D Data Processing, Visualization and Transmission
Topics include: - 3D scanning components, software, and systems - 3D view registration - 3D photography algorithms - Multi-view geometry and calibration - 3D shape retrieval and recognition - Shape reconstruction from point-clouds - Shape registration and similarity measures - Interpolation, smoothing, and feature extraction - Shape analysis and morphology - Medial axis and segmentation - Statistical analysis of families of shapes - Simplification and resampling of shapes with photometric data - Compression and transmission of still and dynamic 3D scenes - Streaming and progressive refinements - 3D Video - Image-based rendering and modeling - Interactive visualization of complex scenes - Multi-resolution rendering - Haptic sensors and new human-shape interaction modalities - Psychophysics of 3D sensing and haptics - 3D printing and rapid prototyping - Augmented reality and virtual environments - 3D tele-immersion and remote collaboration
Fifth Eurographics Workshop on Sketch-Based Interfaces and Modeling
Topics include: - Multimodal interfaces for sketching - Novel sketch input devices - Novel pen-based interaction techniques - Low level ink processing and pen stroke segmentation - Sketch parsing, classification and recognition - Sketch-based interfaces for CAD systems - Sketch-based modeling and editing of 3D shapes - Sketch-based control of animations - Sketch-based interfaces for other applications (surface editing, diagram creation, mathematical annotations, games, etc.) - Rendering techniques for sketch-based systems (NPR) - Sketches for Medical and Volume data editing - Sketch-based retrieval of multimedia information - Usability studies of sketch-based systems - Studies of the impact of sketching on creativity and design
TPCG 2008 - The sixth Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics 2008 Conference
Topics include: - computer animation - computer-based art and entertainment - computational geometry - display technologies - fundamental algorithms - graphics application systems - graphics architectures and acceleration hardware - fractal and natural phenomena - human computer interaction - image processing - Internet graphics and collaborative environments - medical imaging - modelling methods - rendering techniques - texture synthesis - scientific visualization - information visualization - virtual reality and virtual environments - volume graphics - web graphics
26th Computer Graphics International Conference CGI'2008
Topics include: - Graphics Systems Architeture - Rendering Techniques - Geometric Computing - Shape and Surface Modeling - Physically Based Modeling - Scientific Visualization - Multimedia and Digital Media - Image Based Rendering - Computer Animation - Interaction Techniques and HCI - Stylized Rendering - Virtual and Augmented Reality - Point-based Graphics - Computer Vision - Data Compression for Graphics - Web Graphics - Graphic Toolkits - Computer Graphics Applications
NPAR 2008 - 6th Symposium on Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering
Topics include: - Simulation of traditional and new graphical styles - Simulation of natural media - Hardware-accelerated algorithms - Level-of-detail in image space - Abstraction and composition in rendered images - Synthesis of stroke-based patterns - Style transfer - Automatic painting from photographs and video - Temporal and spatial coherence in non-photorealistic rendering - Motion blur and depth of field in non-photorealistic images - Lighting models for NPAR - Non-traditional perspective - Animation systems - Computer-aided cartoon animation - 2D/3D integration - Live-action integration - Computer-aided in-betweening - Computer-aided layout - Matting and compositing - Image-based rendering - Rendering languages and systems - Practical NPAR applications
SPM'08 - ACM Solid and Physical Modeling Symposium 2008
Topics include: - Geometric and topological representations of solids - Model acquisition, editing, compression, and transmission - Multi-resolution models of geometry and topology - Curves and surfaces - Heterogeneous models of physical objects and properties - Computational geometry and applications - Geometric computation and processing - Physics-based modeling and design - Shape modeling, synthesis, analysis, and visualization - Reverse engineering, model reconstruction from samples - Dimensioning, tolerancing, and constraints - Conceptual design and multi-disciplinary optimization - Product data exchange, standards, and interoperability - Haptic interfaces and user interaction in 3D design - Collaborative and distributed design - Virtual environments and prototypes - Design and simulation of flexible components - Product and assembly modeling - New prototyping and manufacturing technologies - Biomedical and imaging applications - Geo-scientific applications - Digital entertainment applications - Static or dynamic geometry - Simulation, animation, and interactive techniques
3IA 2008 - 11th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Artificial Intelligence
Topics include: - Artificial intelligence techniques in construction of geometric figures - Artificial intelligence techniques in scene modelling - Computer graphics and machine learning - Declarative techniques in scene modelling - Scene properties description techniques - Intelligent visualisation - Intelligent methods for exploring virtual worlds - Intelligent collaborative design - Design of intelligent graphic interfaces - Behavioural animation - Animation and artificial intelligence - Scene understanding - Semantics-based approaches in design - Decision support systems in design - Knowledge-based design and rendering - Intelligent Computational aesthetics - Application of AI techniques in CAD and GIS - Intelligent CG applications in bioinformatics & medical informatics
EGVE 2008 - 14th Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments
Topics include: - Interaction techniques for VR - Tracking & Sensing - Immersive projection technologies - Haptics, audio and multimodal interfaces - VR system architecture and development - 3D input and output devices - Augmented and mixed reality (AR and MR) - Collaborative and distributed VR - User studies and evaluation - Presence and cognition - Interactive rendering, modeling and simulation - VR, AR, and MR applications
Graphics Interface 2008 - 34th Graphics Interface conference
Topics include: - Shading and rendering - Geometric modeling and meshing - Graphics in simulation - Image-based rendering - Image synthesis and realism - Medical and scientific visualization - Computer animation - Real-time rendering - Non-photorealistic rendering - Scientific and information visualization - Interaction techniques - Computer-supported cooperative work - Human interface devices - Virtual reality - Augmented reality - Data and information visualization - Multimedia - Mobile computing - Haptic and tangible interfaces - Perception
3DTV Conference 2008
Topics include: 3D Capture and Processing - 3D time-varying scene capture technology - Multi-camera recording - 3D photography algorithms - Dense stereo and 3D reconstruction - Synchronization and calibration of camera arrays - 3D view registration - Multi-view geometry and calibration - Holographic camera techniques - 3D motion analysis and tracking - Surface modeling for 3D scenes - Multi-view image and 3D data processing - Integral imaging techniques 3D Transmission - Systems, architecture and transmission in 3D - 3D streaming - Error-related issues and handling of 3D video - Hologram compression - Multi-view video coding - 3D mesh compression - Multiple description coding for 3D - Signal processing for diffraction and holographic 3DTV 3D Visualization - 3D mesh representation - Texture and point representation - Object-based representation and segmentation - Volume representation - 3D motion animation - Stereoscopic display techniques - Holographic display technology - Reduced parallax systems - Underlying optics and VLSI technology - Projection and display technology for 3D videos - Integral imaging techniques - Human factors 3D Applications - 3D imaging in virtual heritage and virtual archaeology - 3D Teleimmersion and remote collaboration - Augmented reality and virtual environments - 3D television, cinema, games and entertainment - Underlying technologies for 3DTV - Medical and biomedical applications - 3D Content-based retrieval and recognition - 3D Watermarking
EuroVis 2008
Topics include: - Theoretical foundations of visualization - Perception in visualization - Usability and human factors in visualization - Non-spatial data visualization - Information visualization - Software visualization - Visual analytics - Graph visualization - Time series data visualization - Spatial data visualization - Surface extraction - Volume visualization - Medical and biomedical visualization - Vector/Tensor field visualization - Flow visualization - Multi-field visualization - Time-varying visualization - GPU based visualization - Large data visualization - Feature extraction - Illustrative visualization - Uncertainty visualization - Visualization systems
SVR 2008 - 10th Symposium on Virtual and Augmented Reality
Topics include: - Virtual Reality - Augmented reality - Mixed reality; - Artificial life - Collaborative Virtual Environments; - Innovations in 3D input and output - Haptics - Interactive modeling, rendering, and animation; - Internet-based 3D applications; - Multimodal Interaction; - Networked virtual environments; - Real Time simulation, animation and visualization; - Real-time graphics techniques; - Social, economical and technical impacts of virtual reality; - Video-based Interaction; - Virtual humans and avatars; - VRML, X3D and related web-based technologies.
Computer Games & Allied Technology 08: International Conference and Symposium on Computer Games; Animation, Multimedia, IPTV, Edutainment and Security
Topics include: - Gaming - Mobile, PC, Online, Consolet - Aesthetic Approaches to Game Design & Development - Storytelling and Narrative Landscapes - Design Documentation - Games Simulations and Dynamic Models - Interactive Simulations - Tools and Systems for Games and Virtual Reality - Intelligent Agents and Gamebots - Gaming – Hardware and Accessories - Graphics & Visualisation - Texture and Shader Programming - Stereographics in Real Time - Cinematography - Sound Design and Music Systems - Multichanel Audio - Audio Techniques for Racing Games - Media Theory - Interactive Dynamic Response for Games - Mapping the Mental Space of Game Genres - Cultural and Media Studies on Computer Games - Experiential Spatiality in Games - Player Behavior and Consumer Demographics - Game Development Contract Outsourcing - Project Funding and Financing - Social/Humanities Aspects of Games - Cheat Codes -To Cheat or Not to Cheat - Mobile and Multiuser Games - IPTV and Service Convergence - Pay-As-You-Play and IPTV - Academic Courses for Game Design & Development - Multiuser Virtual Environments (Muves) in Education - Learning to Play or Learning through Play - Game Security - Games and Intellectual Property Rights - Laws, Regulations, Certifications and Policies for Gaming - Censorship of Video Games Content - Artificial Intelligence - Art, Design and New Media - Education, Training, and Edutainment Technologies - Human Factors of Games - Sound and Music
Visualization in the World 2008
On April 24 and 25, 2008, the Charlotte Visualization Center (VisCenter) will host the "Visualization in the World" Symposium with leading scientists in the field of visualization. The symposium will address not only visualization and its uses but also the environment within which it is embedded; and how the current or potential interactions across domains in this milieu are of interest.
SCCG 2008 - Spring Conference on Computer Graphics
Topics include: - graphics hardware - rendering algorithms - illumination and shading - geometric modeling - physical based modeling - user interfaces - animation techniques - volume visualization - virtual reality techniques - photo-realistic rendering - theoretical foundations - graphics applications - graphics systems - shape abstraction and modeling - image processing - computer vision - image understanding
Eurographics 2008
Authors are invited to submit original papers reporting research contributions, practiceand experience, or novel applications. Papers are sought in all areas of Computer Graphics: rendering, modeling, animation, interactive techniques, virtual reality, visualization, and other relevant topic areas. Moreover, the 2008 edition will have a special focus on the cross-fertilization between CG, computer vision and human-computer interaction.
VRIC 2008 - 10th International Conference on Virtual Reality (Laval Virtual)
Topics include: - 3D Interaction (3D User Interfaces, 3D Interaction Devices, 3D Interaction Techniques, 3D Interaction Evaluation) - Education, training and employment (Virtual Environments for Human Training, Virtual Reality for learning, learning transfer, serious games, knowledge representation, intelligent tutoring system, artificial intelligence, Personal Development, Coaching) - Virtual Humanoids (Expressive Autonomous Characters, Avatars, Human Motion Control, Behaviour Modelling, Interactivity between humans and objects) - VR for better Living and Aging (VR, Cognitive and Motor training, Rehabilitation, Physical activity, Neurological Disease and Trauma, Disability, Aging, Accessibility) - Last trends in VR & AR (Virtual & Augmented Reality, Research, Applications, Interfaces) - Virtual reality and the agricultural world (Agriculture, Simulation, Training, GPS, Weather Forecast, the farm of tomorrow)
3DUI'08 - The third IEEE Symposium on 3D User Interfaces 2008
Topics include: - 3D input devices - 3D display devices - 3D interaction techniques - 3D user interface metaphors - Collaborative 3D interaction - Evaluation methods for 3D UIs - Applications of 3D UI techniques