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SAP 2012 - ACM Symposium on Applied Perception (formerly APGV)

Since 2004, this symposium has brought together researchers from the fields of perception, graphics and visualization, to facilitate a wider exchange of ideas. Our goals are to use insights from perception to advance the design of methods for visual, auditory and haptic representation, and to use computer graphics to enable perceptual research that would otherwise not be possible. Co-located with Siggraph 2012.

Was Symposium
Wann 03.08.2012 bis
Wo Los Angeles, CA, USA
Name Peter Khooshabeh, Matthias Harders (Conference Chairs)
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Topics include:

  • Modeling, rendering, and animation
  • Visualization
  • Computational aesthetics
  • Haptic rendering, haptic input and perception
  • Computer vision
  • Color vision and color appearance modeling
  • Interaction techniques and interfaces
  • Augmented reality
  • Virtual worlds
  • Display technologies
  • Auditory display and interfaces
  • Perceptual auditory coding
  • Spatialized sound
  • Speech synthesis and recognition
  • Sensory integration
  • Multimodal rendering
  • Spatial and temporal vision
  • Empirical perception research
  • Attention and eye movements
  • Statistical learning and perception of natural scenes
  • Perception of shapes, surfaces and materials

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