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FNG 2012 - The 4th International Conference on Fun and Games 2012

Fun and Games 2012 is a single-track, 2-day conference where academics and practitioners can interact together in a playful event that marries the best of academic writing with the most innovative play experiences. The conference invites original contributions from designers, developers and researchers in computer games, experience play design and fun. Of particular interest are contributions that cross the traditional disciplines of human-computer interaction, games design, and game development.

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Wann 04.09.2012 bis
Wo Toulouse, France
Name Katherine Isbister (General Chair)
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Topics include:

  • Game theories, constructs, concepts and frameworks
  • Game design methods, principles and processes
  • Evaluating games & measuring player experiences
  • Serious games such as: games for special target groups such as children, elderly, people with special needs, etc., social games (& aspects), games for health
  • Persuasive aspects of games and play
  • Game interaction: Mobile games, pervasive games, tangible games, multimodal games, exertion games
  • Innovation & technology: robots, smart toys, frameworks & engines, sensors for games and play

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