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A LaTeX-template with the correct preferences for the page layout, references and formatting including examples for tables and figures.

If you are using LaTeX, you may download a template file containing formatting examples, an example for a bibTeX bibliography in the "amsalpha"-style, and DiPP-Licence text. You may reuse this template for creating your own manuscript. The template consists of a sample TeX-file, dummy-pictures and an example bibliography bib-file. The TeX-file uses standard packages and the "article" document-type.

The pdf-file generated from the TeX-template gives an impression of all formatting options mentioned. It is also useful for authors who wish to use typesetting systems other than TeX as a draft for their documents.

To speed up the conversion process for your articles, please keep an eye on the following formatting details:

  • BibTex-File:
    • Use brackets for every field content.
    • Do not use inverted author names (like author = {Smith, Greg}, ) in the author field. Use this form instead: author = {Greg Smith}.
    • Do not use full stops within bibliography labels (like @book{author:2008...). Leave out full stops and special characters (e.g. @book{author2008,...).
  • Tex-File:
    • Do not use full stops or special character for labels either (like \label{sec:intro}). Use forms like \label{secintro} instead.

Template Download: