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In Collection

Reference type for a part of a book with an extra title. Usually a collection of articles by different authors, published by an editor.

Author, Title, Booktitle, Publisher, Year,

  author = {Christophe Schlick},
  title = {Wave Generators for Computer Graphics},
  booktitle = {Graphics Gems},
  pages = {367--374},
  publisher = {Morgan Kaufmann},
  year = {1995},
  series = {The Graphics Gems Series},
  volume = {V},
  isbn = {0-12-543457-X}

Must contain: author, title, booktitle, publisher, year
Can contain: editor, volume oder number, series, type, chapter, pages, address, edition, month, note, isbn

Annotation: Use inbook for chapters in a book and incollection for articles in a book. You may add an optional note field with DOI information for e-books.