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UbiComp ISWC 2023 - 27th Annual International Symposium on Wearable Computers

What Conference
When 2023-10-08 to
Contact Name Monica Tentori, Nadir Weibel
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Topics include:

  • Wearable Systems, Novel Devices and Form Factors
  • Smartphone- and smartwatch-based systems and applications
  • Glasses
  • Earables
  • Rings and Gloves
  • Wearable equipment for specialized applications and professions
  • Exoskeletons and physical strength augmentation
  • Enabling Technologies
  • Displays, mobile augmented reality optics (freeform optics, light-guides, holographic and diffractive approaches)
  • Haptics and actuators
  • Novel sensor technologies enabling and enhancing context-aware sensing, including but not limited to:
  • Sensing the body (movement, behavior, physiology)
  • Sensing the eye (gaze, patterns of looking, eye-computer interaction)
  • Sensing the brain (wearable fNIRS, EEG, brain-computer interfaces)
  • Wearable sensor networks
  • Manufacturing of wearable technologies
  • Wearable technology toolkits
  • Power sources and management, thermal management
  • Textiles and Clothing
  • E-textiles, advanced textiles, and clothing-based wearables
  • Functional clothing and non-electronic wearable technologies
  • Novel materials for textiles and clothing
  • On-Skin and Implantable Interfaces
  • On-skin technology and interfaces
  • Implantable, insertable technology and interfaces
  • Unconventional materials and form factors for close-body devices
  • Biotechnology and HCI
  • Microfluidics for on-skin interfaces
  • Design Process for Wearables
  • Research through design
  • Craft and computing for wearables
  • Culturally-sensitive design processes
  • Design and conceptual innovation in wearables
  • From basic research to commercial product
  • Information and Data
  • Machine learning, and artificial intelligence for wearables
  • Data augmentation, big data, crowd-sourcing, fusion of online data & sensors
  • Datasets and performance evaluation
  • Individual activity recognition, behavior analysis, context recognition, skill assessment
  • Social, team and group activity and context recognition, skill assessment
  • Exploratory domain mapping and feature identification/extraction, ontologies for wearable applications
  • Novel processing approaches beyond “machine learning”, bio-inspired approaches, cognitively-inspired architectures, towards human-like perception
  • Computationally efficient processing (memory, energy), architecture optimization
  • Human/Device Interaction
  • Human factors and HCI of wearables, wearability, interaction design
  • Anthropometrics and fit
  • Social interactions and impacts
  • Social perception and acceptance towards wearable devices
  • Human augmentation and portable environments
  • Human-robot interaction
  • Human/environmental/economic impacts, long-term effects, and future of wearable technologies, ethics and privacy
  • Applications
  • Health and wellness, mental health and therapy, rehabilitation
  • Leisure and entertainment, including sports, tourism, games
  • Virtual, mixed and augmented reality
  • The future of work, including; industrial applications, supporting physical, cognitive, and collaborative work
  • Extreme environments, including: outer space, underwater environments
  • Research on behavior, psychology, and cognition
  • Art and fashion; theatre and performance
  • Education and training
  • Biometrics and security
  • Wearables and smart cities
  • Markets and consumer behavior in wearables

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