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Salento AVR 2019 - 6th International Conference on Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Computer Graphics

What Conference
When 2019-06-24 to
Where Santa Maria al Bagno (Lecce), Italy
Contact Name Lucio Tommaso De Paolis
Contact Email
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Topics include:

  • Computer Graphics and Animation
    • Physically Based Modelling
    • Geometric Computing
    • Shape and Surface Modelling
    • Graphics Algorithms
    • Web Based Graphics
    • Computer Animation
    • Perception of Computer Graphics and Animation
    • Special Effects
    • 3D Visualization
    • Visualization Systems
    • Multimedia and Digital Media
    • Image-Based Computer Graphics
    • Rendering Techniques
    • Volume Visualization
    • Scientific Visualization
    • Real-Time Graphics
    • Graphics System Architectures
    • Graphics Hardware and Hardware-Related Techniques (GPU)
    • Hardware for Visualization
    • Data Compression for Graphics
    • Computer Graphics for Small/Large Displays
    • Parallelism in Computer Graphics
    • Graphic Toolkits
    • Interaction and HCI
    • Interfaces for Creating and Editing Animations
    • Autonomous Characters, Group and Crowd Behaviour
    • Cloud Networks for Multimedia Applications
    • Applications
  • Augmented Reality
    • Mixed Reality
    • Information Visualization using Augmented Reality Technologies
    • Visualization Techniques for Augmented Reality
    • Augmented Reality in Scientific Visualization
    • Mobile Augmented Reality
    • Augmented Reality-based Navigation and Information Systems
    • Location-based and Recognition-based Augmented Reality
    • Visual Aspects of Augmented Reality
    • Perceptual Issues in Augmented Reality
    • Psychological and Artistic Issues of Integrating Virtual Objects with Real World
    • Collaborative Augmented Reality Environments
    • Augmented Reality Applications in Medicine and Surgery
    • Augmented Reality Applications in Cultural Heritage
    • Augmented Reality Applications in Arts
    • Augmented Reality Applications in Education
    • Augmented Reality Applications in Military and Industry
    • Spatial Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
    • Artificial Reality
    • Real-Time Rendering
    • Collision detection in Virtual Reality
    • 3D Interaction for Virtual Reality
    • Modelling and Simulation
    • Virtual Humans and Artificial Life
    • Virtual Reality Systems and Toolkits
    • Collaborative Virtual Environments
    • Tele-Collaboration
    • Virtual Reality System Architecture
    • Immersive Technologies, Systems and Devices
    • Immersive Environments
    • Interactive Intelligent Environments
    • Educational Simulations
    • Simulator Design and Validation
    • Human Computer Interaction
    • Presence and Cognition in a Virtual Environment
    • Integration of Virtual Reality and Multimedia
    • Multi-User and Distributed Virtual Reality
    • Haptics, Audio, and Other non-Visual Interfaces
    • Tracking and Sensing
    • Virtual Humans and Avatars
    • Navigation in Virtual Environments
    • Virtual Laboratories and Tools
    • Human Factors
    • Interaction in Virtual Environments
    • Hardware Devices for Virtual Reality
    • Cloud-Based Virtual Reality
    • Teleoperation and Telepresence
    • Simulation-based Learning
    • Simulation in Healthcare Education
    • Virtual Reality Applications in Medicine and Surgery
    • Virtual Reality Applications in Rehabilitation
    • Virtual Reality Applications in Cultural Heritage
    • Virtual Reality Applications in Arts
    • Virtual Reality Applications in Education
    • Virtual Reality Applications in Military and Industry
  • Games and Serious Games
    • Game design and development
    • Development Tools in Gaming
    • Development methodologies in Gaming
    • Tools and Technologies in Gaming
    • Usability and Playability
    • Immersive Gaming and Edutainment
    • Pervasive Gaming
    • Ubiquitous Games
    • Games for Mobile Platforms
    • Technological Support for Collaborative Games
    • Balance among Realism, Engagement, Learning and Entertainment
    • Entertainment
    • Game-Based Learning
    • Multi-agent and Multi-strategy Games
    • Realistic Games for Simulation and Training
    • Serious Games
    • Pedagogical Theories in Serious Games
    • Methodologies and Principles for Serious Games User Assessment
    • Advanced Human-Computer Interaction for Serious Games
    • Serious games in Formal Education
    • Educational Outcomes in Serious Games
    • Verification of Learning Transfer in Serious Game
    • Artificial Intelligence for Serious Games
    • Serious Games in Health and Healthcare
    • Serious Games in Public Health Education
    • Serious Games in Rehabilitation
  • Human-Computer Interaction
    • marketing and HCI
    • semiotics and HCI
    • analysis and design methods
    • human-centred and user-centred design
    • HCI in education
    • HCI methods and theories
    • adaptive and personalized interfaces
    • gesture and eye-gaze based interaction
    • graphical user interface
    • haptic user interface
    • interaction design
    • mobile HCI
    • multimedia design
    • multimodal interface
    • natural user interfaces (NUI)
    • non-verbal interfaces
    • tangible and virtual user interfaces
    • tools for HCI
    • multimodal interaction

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