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PerCom 2019 - IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications

Was Conference
Wann 11.03.2019 bis
Wo Kyoto, Japan
Name Behrooz Shirazi, Keiichi Yasumoto (General Chairs)
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Topics include:

  • Advances in pervasive systems and infrastructures: middleware systems and services; large-scale data management for pervasive computing; clouds, cloudlets, and fog computing; device-to-device coordination; Internet of Things; sensor and actuator networks; experiences from real-world deployments.
  • Theoretical and analytical models and algorithms: context modeling and reasoning; adaptive and context-aware computing; activity recognition; programing paradigms; applied machine learning; cognitive computing techniques.
  • Domain-specific challenges and novel applications: pervasive technologies for healthcare, sport, smart homes and buildings, smart manufacturing (Industry 4.0), smart cities; innovative pervasive computing applications in such domains.
  • Intersections of pervasive computing and communications with other research areas: social networks; urban/mobile crowd sensing & intelligence; opportunistic networks; big data.
  • New techniques for user-level concerns: participatory and social sensing; trust, security, and privacy; user interfaces, interaction, and persuasion; blockchain and smart contracts.
  • Technological innovations: architectures, protocols, and technologies for pervasive communications; mobile and wearable computing systems and services; smart devices and intelligent environments; cognitive and reconfigurable hardware; positioning and tracking technologies.

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