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NIME2023 MEXICO CITY – The International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

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Wann 31.05.2023 bis
Wo Mexico-City, Mexico
Name Hugo Solís García, Eric Pérez Segura
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Topics include:

  • Approaches on decolonising music and musical interfaces
  • Studies or reviews of non-Western musical epistemologies and pedagogies
  • Novel controllers, interfaces or instruments for musical expression
  • Augmented, embedded and hyper instruments
  • Technologies or systems for collaborative music-making
  • Discussions about the artistic and cultural impact of NIMEs
  • Reflections on the ethical, environmental, societal, and political impact of NIMEs
  • Critical analysis of existing commercial, academic or artistic NIME practice
  • Historical, theoretical or philosophical discussions about designing or performing with NIMEs
  • Easier/cheaper approaches to the design of bespoke and customizeable accessible instruments
  • Strategies that improve the reach and replicability of one-off accessible instrument projects, particularly those that are unlikely to have full commercial potential
  • Musical interfaces designed by/with disabled/neurodiverse musicians
  • Practice-based research approaches/methodologies/criticism
  • Music-related human-computer interaction
  • User studies and evaluations of NIMEs
  • Interactive sound art and sound installations
  • New music performance paradigms
  • Gesture to sound mapping
  • Sonic interaction design
  • Musical robotics
  • Sensor and actuator technologies for NIMEs
  • Interface protocols and data formats supporting musical interaction
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence in NIMEs \
  • Pedagogical perspectives and/or student projects in NIME-related courses

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