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IUI 2019 - 24th International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces

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Wann 17.03.2019 bis
Wo Los Angeles, CA, USA
Name Oliver Brdiczka, Gaëlle Calvary, Polo Chau (Program Chairs)
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Topics include:

  • Affective and aesthetic interfaces
  • Big Data and analytics
  • Collaborative interfaces
  • Education and learning-related technologies
  • Evaluations of intelligent user interfaces
  • Explainable intelligent user interfaces
  • Explainable artificial intelligence
  • Interactive visual analytics and interpretation for deep learning
  • Health and intelligent health technologies
  • Information retrieval and search
  • Intelligent assistants for complex tasks
  • Intelligent wearable and mobile interfaces
  • Intelligent ubiquitous user interfaces
  • Intelligent visualization tools
  • Interactive machine learning
  • Knowledge-based approaches to user interface design and generation
  • Modeling and prediction of user behavior
  • Multi-modal interfaces (speech, gestures, eye gaze, face, physiological information etc.)
  • Natural language and speech processing
  • Persuasive and assistive technologies in IUI
  • Planning and plan recognition for IUI
  • Proactive and agent-based user interaction
  • Recommender systems
  • Smart environments and tangible computing
  • Social media analysis
  • User Modelling for Intelligent Interfaces
  • User-Adaptive interaction and personalization

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