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ISMAR 2018 - International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality

Was Symposium
Wann 16.10.2018 bis
Wo Munich, Germany
Name Ulrich Eck, Otmar Hilliges (General Chairs)
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Information Presentation

  • Mediated and diminished reality
  • Multisensory rendering, registration, and synchronization
  • Photorealistic and non-photorealistic rendering
  • Real-time and non-real-time interactive rendering
  • Visual, aural, haptic, and olfactory augmentation


  • Acquisition of 3D video and scene descriptions
  • Calibration and registration (of sensing systems)
  • Location sensing technologies (of any kind, including non-real-time)
  • Projector-camera systems
  • Sensor fusion
  • Smart spaces
  • Touch, tangible and gesture interfaces
  • Video processing and streaming
  • Visual mapping
  • Wearable sensors, ambient-device interaction


  • Display hardware, including 3D, stereoscopic, and multi-user
  • Live video stream augmentation (e.g., in robotics and broadcast)
  • Wearable actuators and augmented humans
  • Wearable and situated displays (e.g., eyewear, smart watches, pico-projectors)

User Experience Design

  • Collaborative interfaces
  • Technology acceptance and social implications
  • Therapy and rehabilitation
  • Usability studies and experiments
  • Virtual analytics and entertainment
  • VR simulations of AR/MR

Human Performance and Perception

  • Interaction techniques
  • Learning and training
  • Multimodal input and output
  • Perception of virtual objects

System Architecture

  • Content creation and management
  • Distributed and collaborative architectures
  • Online services
  • Real-time performance issues
  • Scene description and management issues
  • Wearable and mobile computing


  • Architecture
  • Art, cultural heritage, education and training
  • Automotive and aerospace
  • Entertainment, broadcast
  • Industrial, military, emergency response
  • Health, wellbeing, and medical
  • Personal information systems
  • Visual effects / video processing

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