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jvrb allows the administrators of other webpages to copy and use material provided by the Journal on their websites for the purpose of linking, advertising, and introducing the Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting. The textmaterial may be used wholly or in part, as long as the selection is not disfiguring. Text and illustrations must not be used in other contexts and must not be altered.

We would like to introduce the Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting to a broad international scientific community. However, in order to perform this task, we rely on the support of researchers in the fields of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting. Please, let your colleagues know about jvrb, and provide a link to the journal on your website. Here, you will find information material that operators of websites may use for this purpose:

Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting


Publisher: Duesseldorf University of Applied Sciences

The Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting - abbreviated "JVRB" - is an open access online journal covering topics related to the fields of Virtual Reality, Interface Techniques, Computer Graphics and Interactive Broadcasting. JVRB is part of the DiPP-NRW-Project.

What makes the subject area covered by JVRB distinct is that it includes basic technologies such as Displays, Tracking and Computer Graphics. Synergies between virtual environments and broadcasting techniques will become feasible and future developments will eventually cause these two application fields to merge - a trend which is already observable in applications like Interactive Broadcasting.

The main goals are to publish research results in the field of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting, to provoke discussions, and to promote the exchange of ideas and information. Developments in the area have a direct effect on society, therefore social aspects will also be considered. As an interdisciplinary field Virtual Reality requires multilateral collaboration in order to enable new applications. Included topics are:

  • Media technology
  • Human factors, human machine interfaces
  • Computer graphics
  • Image technology
  • Tracking, sensors
  • Interactive broadcasting
  • Virtual set environments
  • Augmented reality
  • Haptic interfaces, new interfaces

The journal is supported by the state of NRW, Germany. Publication will be entirely online, based on an open access licence. To ensure a high quality level all manuscripts are peer reviewed.

JVRB is issued continuously and in electronic form only.

Language: All articles are published in the English language.

ISSN 1860-2037

Prof. Dr. Eng. /Univ. of Tsukuba Jens Herder, Duesseldorf University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting
The Library
Duesseldorf University of Applied Sciences
Muensterstrasse 156
D-40476 Duesseldorf

Full-texts and abstracts are available online in HTML- and PDF-format.