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Literature cited in the text should be listed at the end of the article, in the "Reference" section.

Citations within the text should be indicated by square brackets which contain the abbreviated surname of the author cited, and the year of publication. For instance, the book "Cyril M. Harris, Handbook of acoustical measurements and noise control, McGraw-Hill, 1991, isbn 0-07-026868-1" would be indexed as "[Har91]". Entries should be arranged alphabetically. If you are using latex as your typesetting system in combination with bibTeX, you may apply the "amsalpha"-bibliography style to your document. Authors' first names may not be abbreviated. All cited authors must be listed. The last entry should be separated by "and". Titles should be in italics and lower case letters, except for initial letters and letters following a full stop. Page ranges should be indexed by a long dash like "123—456". There should be no spaces between page numbers and dash. Entries are followed by a stop. Uppercase letters that are grouped like in "ISBN" should appear as small-capitals like "isbn".

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