Tracking of industrial objects by using CAD models Wuest Harald Stricker Didier In this paper we present a model-based approach for real-time camera pose estimation in industrial scenarios. The line model which is used for tracking is generated by rendering a polygonal model and extracting contours out of the rendered scene. By un-projecting a point on the contour with the depth value stored in the z-buffer, the 3D coordinates of the contour can be calculated. For establishing 2D/3D correspondences the 3D control points on the contour are projected into the image and a perpendicular search for gradient maxima for every point on the contour is performed. Multiple hypotheses of 2D image points corresponding to a 3D control point make the pose estimation robust against ambiguous edges in the image. Augmented Reality CAD model Line Tracking Tracking 004 periodical academic journal JVRB - Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting 4(2007) 1 2007 1860-2037 urn:nbn:de:0009-6-11595 10.20385/1860-2037/4.2007.1 wuest2007