Video Composer and Live Video Conductor: Future Professions for the Interactive Digital Broadcasting Industry Wages Richard Mac Williams Carmen Grünvogel Stefan M. Trogemann Georg Innovations in hardware and network technologies lead to an exploding number of non-interrelated parallel media streams. Per se this does not mean any additional value for consumers. Broadcasting and advertisement industries have not yet found new formats to reach the individual user with their content. In this work we propose and describe a novel digital broadcasting framework, which allows for the live staging of (mass) media events and improved consumer personalisation. In addition new professions for future TV production workflows which will emerge are described, namely the 'video composer' and the 'live video conductor'. Digital Broadcasting Framework Interactive TV Professions Video Composer Video Conductor 004 periodical academic journal JVRB - Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting 4(2007) 10 2007 1860-2037 urn:nbn:de:0009-6-10767 10.20385/1860-2037/4.2007.10 wages2007