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News 2008

08/27/08 - Confirmation of review activity for JVRB

Experts who act as reviewers for the Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting can receive a confirmation about their work for the Journal in written form (e.g., to declare the work to their university). The confirmation states their voluntary and non-paid commitment to support the free exchange of knowledge in their field of research by acting as reviewer for an open access publication. Currently, JVRB does not provide lists of reviewers on its website to guarantee the anonymity of the blind peer-review process.

To receive a confirmation just send an short e-mail (including your current postal adress) to:

Katharina Regulski

We will send you the official confirmation letter by mail.

03/18/08 - Guest Editors of the VRIC (Laval Virtual) 2008 Special Issue

Prof. Thouvenin and Prof. Richir join the Special Issue Guest Editors Board for the Virtual Reality International Conference (Laval, France) 2008 Special Issue of JVRB. A number of selected best articles from the conference will be peer-reviewed and published in the Journal. The conference features a broad field of research topics ranging from 3D interaction and virtual agents to virtual reality and the agricultural world that are organized in six different symposia.

Laval Virtual

03/10/08 - Torsten Kuhlen joins the Special Issue Guest Editors Board for the GI VR/AR Workshop Special Issue in JVRB

The successful co-operation between the GI VR/AR Workshop and the Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting continues in 2008.Since 2005, JVRB and the GI VR/AR chapter have published selected best articles from the workshops that have been extended, revised and peer-reviewed for their release in the Journal. For the 2008 Special Issue, Dr. Torsten Kuhlen, who is speaker of the steering committee of the VR/AR chapter of Germany's computer society, will join the Special Issue Guest Editors Board.

Articles published in GI VR/VR Special Issues:

03/10/08 - JVRB featured at TEI 2008 – Tangible Embedded Interaction

The Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting was featured at TEI 2008 with advertisement material and a link exchange on the TEI 2008 website. The Journal recommended the conference event that was held from February 18 – 20th 2008 in Bonn in the JVRB event calendar. The topics of tangible and embedded interaction represent important technologies that will have strong impact on future computer use and the development of interactive applications.


02/20/08 - Third GRAPP Special Issue

The successful cooperation between the International Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications GRAPP and the Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting continues in 2008 in form a publication agreement for a special issue. Prof. José Braz joins the editorial team of the special issue as guest editor. JVRB has invited a number of authors of selected articles to submit their works. The submission deadline for the extended articles is April 1st, 2008.

02/14/08 - JVRB welcomes its new conference partner VRIC 2008 (Laval Virtual)

The Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting has closed a publication agreement with the renowned international conference VRIC 2008 (Laval Virtual), that will be held from April 9th -- 13th in Laval, France. A number of selected best articles from the conference will be published in a special issue of JVRB.

Laval Virtual addresses aspects of human-computer interaction, virtual reality and its applications, and latest trends in AR & VR research.

The six different symposia namely 3D interaction, education, training and employment, virtual humanoids, VR for better living and aging, last trends in VR & AR, and virtual reality and the agricultural world are hosted by international experts.

The online article submission for VRIC 2008 opens at November 30th, 2007. Full papers consisting of four to ten pages may be submitted. The submissions are reviewed by the Laval Virtual Program Committee and will be selected on scientific merit.

For further information, please visit: www.laval-virtual.org

GAPWorks abandoned

02/14/08 - GAP Works abandoned

Due to technical difficulties and the uncertainty of the future development of our review and submission platform GAPWorks JVRB has decided to abandon the system. Our hosting provider, the Hochschulbibliothekszentrum des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen (hbz) is currently developing an integrated workflow that will enable authors and reviewers to manage their submission from our homepage www.jvrb.org. We expect a basic version of the system in February 2008. In the meantime, reviews and submission are handled by e-mail.

New Advertising material

02/14/08 - New Advertising material

JVRB has designed new information brochures, cards, and Call-for-Submission flyers for the distribution at conferences, events and for mail advertisement. The new appealing material contains updated information and appears in a new design. In case, you would like to receive flyers and information brochures, please, write an e-mail to:

Katharina Regulski (Editorial Assistant)

Annual Report 2007 online

02/14/08 - Annual Report 2007 online

JVRB has issued its annual report 2007 in which the development of the Journal during the last year is documented. Submissions ratings, reviewers, conference partners, upcoming co-operations, new board members and general news are presented in a twelve pages brochure. The annual report appears in fresh design which has been derived from the restyled advertising material.

Read the report PDF [35 KB]