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TEI 2019 - 13th International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction

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Wann 17.03.2019 bis
Wo Tempe, Arizona, USA
Name Stacey Kuznetsov, Daniel Saakes, Ron Wakkary (General Chairs)
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  • Novel interaction techniques that bridge physical, digital, biological, virtual, and social worlds
  • Theoretical foundations, frameworks, and concepts
  • Active materials, materiality, and materials as an interface
  • Wearable technologies, on-body, and in-body computing
  • Prosthetics, human-augmentation, and posthumanism
  • Movement, choreography of interaction, and expressive computing
  • Bioelectronic systems and interactions
  • Flexible and shape changing displays
  • Tools and toolkits for tangible and embodied interaction
  • Novel application areas, industrial applications and implications
  • Role of physicality and biology in embodied sense-making (e.g., human perception, cognition and experience)
  • Design research in tangible and embodied interaction, including critical making, participatory design, co-design, and speculative design
  • Case studies, meta-studies, and evaluations of tangible interaction design
  • Tangible interaction for artistic and/or expressive systems
  • Philosophical, ethical and social interventions and implications
  • Transdisciplinary research methods, including perspectives from science and technology studies, the arts, and the natural sciences
  • Key challenges and opportunities, proposals for research agendas and dissemination

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