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SCCG 2013 - 29th Spring conference on Computer Graphics

The Spring Conference on Computer Graphics attempts to cover all interesting projects from computer graphics, image processing and applications. The philosophy of SCCG is to put together top experts with young researchers in CG and to support a good communication channel for East-West exchange of prospective ideas.

Was Conference
Wann 01.05.2013 bis
Wo Smolenice Castle, Slovakia
Name Dr. Matej Novotný (Head of the Organizing Comittee)
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Topics include

  • Rendering
    • Real-time rendering
    • Advanced lighting (reflections, translucency, scattering)
    • Global illumination, photo-realistic computer graphics
    • Graphics hardware and hardware-related techniques (GPU)
    • Illustrative graphics, non-photorealistic techniques
  • Modeling and animation
    • Geometry modeling and advanced concepts
    • Computer animation
    • Physically based modeling, natural phenomena
    • Simulation for computer graphics
  • Images, processing and vision
    • Computational photography
    • Image-based computer graphics
    • Image processing and computer vision
  • Visualization
    • Information visualization
    • Scientific visualization
    • Volume graphics, semi-transparent media
  • Interaction
    • Advanced interaction (haptic, sketch-based interfaces)
    • User interfaces, human-computer interaction
    • Virtual environments / augmented reality / mixed reality
    • Computer graphics for small/large displays
  • Foundations
    • Parallelization in computer graphics
    • Theoretical foundations
    • Perceptual aspects of computer graphics
    • Color in computer graphics
  • Applications and case studies

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