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ISMAR 2012 - IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality

Artists and designers are invited to present and contextualize creative work in MR or AR media forms and to reflect on the place of these technologies in various fields of art and design. Scholars are invited to present work that analyzes or critiques AR/MR in the contexts of current social forms or the history of art and media. We welcome papers, posters, and demos, as well as proposals for panels and workshops.

What Symposium
When 2012-11-05 to
Where Atlanta, GA, USA
Contact Name Blair MacIntyre, Greg Welch (General Chairs)
Contact Email
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Topics include:

Science & Technology

  • Sensors
    • Acquisition of 3D scene descriptions
    • Calibration methods
    • Position and orientation tracking technology
    • Sensor fusion
    • Vision-based registration and tracking
  • Information presentation
    • Aural, haptic and olfactory augmentation
    • Display and view management
    • Mediated and diminished reality
    • Object overlay and spatial layout techniques
    • Photo-realistic rendering
    • Real-time rendering
  • User interaction
    • Collaborative MR/AR
    • Interaction techniques for MR/AR
    • Multi-modal input and output
  • System architecture
    • Display hardware
    • Distributed and collaborative MR/AR
    • Performance issues [real-time approaches]
    • Wearable and mobile computing
    • Online services and MR/AR
  • Human factors
    • Acceptance of MR/AR technology
    • Social implications
    • Usability studies and experiments
  • MR/AR Applications
    • MR/AR for Architecture
    • MR/AR for art, cultural heritage, or education and training
    • MR/AR for entertainment
    • Industrial and military MR/AR applications
    • Medical MR/AR applications
    • Personal MR/AR information systems

    • Arts, Media & Humanities

    • Media art
    • Performing arts
    • Art History
    • Architecture
    • Urban design
    • Game and toys
    • Cultural Heritage
    • Social media
  • Fields and approaches of interest include, but are not limited to:
    • Media Studies
    • Cultural Studies
    • Literary Studies
    • Game Studies
    • Practitioner Case Studies
    • Design research
    • Communications

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