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Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting

Editor-in-Chief:Jens Herder
Established: 2004
Current Volume: 17.2023
Language: English
Form of Publication:Open Access


The “Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting” is an open access E-journal covering advanced media technology for the integration of human computer interaction and modern information systems. The main focus is on the creation of synergies between such basic technologies as computer graphics and state-of-the-art broadcasting techniques.

The main goals are to publish research results in the field of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting, to provoke discussions, and to promote the exchange of ideas and information. Developments in the area have a direct effect on society, therefore social aspects will also be considered. As an interdisciplinary field Virtual Reality requires multilateral collaboration in order to enable new applications.


Research topics which receive treatment in the journal are:

  • media technology
  • human factors
  • human machine interfaces
  • computer graphics
  • image technology
  • tracking
  • sensors
  • interactive broadcasting
  • virtual set environments
  • augmented reality
  • haptic interfaces
  • new interfaces

Article Submission

Submit your article via E-Mail to

Currently, the submission and publication of articles is free of charge. No author fees are applied.

Use a common open file format like pdf. If your article contains special matter, like graphics or other material which is not embedded in the main body text, you may add additonal files.


JVRB publishes articles consecutively and in electronic form only. All articles are peer-reviewed in a strict review process by at least three independent experts from the appropriate field of research and appear in the English language. The articles are organized in one volume per year with ten to twenty articles. Material that has been previously presented at conferences undergo a major revision and are extended and modified by the authors with at least 20% new material according to the Journal's policy for previously published articles. The Journal has been established in 2004 and is currently working on Volume 17(2023).

Currently, the submission and publication of articles is free of charge. No author fees are applied.


The Journal is edited by Prof. Jens Herder (Editor-in-Chief) and supported by international experts in the Advisory Board and the Scientific Committee.